AFS Releases Updated PPE Guide

The latest information on personal protective equipment (PPE) in metalcasting plants is presented in an easy-to-use, updated guide from the American Foundry Society. 

Published in October 2020, PPE Guide for Metalcasting Operations, 6th Edition, covers current best practices and special considerations for the use of personal protective equipment in foundries. This 6th edition includes new revisions and updates to the previous edition to reflect new understanding of current OSHA regulations. It was compiled by the experts of the AFS Safety & Health Committee.

PPE Guide for Metalcasting Operations, 6th Edition, addresses vital health and safety topics such as selection of PPE; proper use, fit, cleaning and storage of PPE; explanations of primary and secondary PPE; identification of foundry-specific work tasks and their associated risks; and definitions and acronyms for PPE terminology. A Job Hazard Assessment template and list of reference documents from ASTM, ANSI, NFPA, and ISO also are included.

PPE Guide for Metalcasting Operations, 6th Edition is available to download in the AFS Store. To purchase a copy or for more information and a table of contents, click here.