AFS Presses for Business Liability Protection as Lawsuit Concerns Grow

U.S. manufacturers are working hard to take measures to protect their employees and customers amid the COVID-19 crisis. However, the risk of lawsuits poses a barrier in their ability to bounce back from the economic crisis. As manufacturers start to reopen, employers  want to know that if they follow public health guidelines, they will be protected against lawsuits.

There is broad public support across the political spectrum for liability protections, and a consensus is emerging. AFS and over 400 diverse organizations called for Congress to provide temporary and targeted liability relief legislation. The full letter can be read here. During times of past crises, Congress has passed liability protections on a bipartisan basis.

“Foundries are doing a heroic job of operating productively and safely. Liability protections for businesses that follow public-health guidelines are essential to a strong economic recovery,” said Doug Kurkul, AFS CEO.

As Congress and the White House consider their next relief package, AFS believes it should include temporary safe harbor protections from lawsuits.