Cut Energy Costs with the AFS Energy Program

Energy costs are a major expense for metalcasters, but finding the right electricity or natural gas supplier is difficult. A new AFS Corporate Member benefit takes the guesswork out of energy contracts, giving members a way to save money on electricity and gas in deregulated markets. 

Through a partnership with APPI Energy, AFS Corporate Members now have access to energy consultants who provide recommendations on pricing, market time and length of contract using data analytics and APPI’s proprietary database. This database, which benchmarks historical and real-time prices in every deregulated market, allows for direct comparisons of energy prices. 

“The AFS Energy Program will use the power of group purchasing to provide many Corporate Members with favorable rates on electricity and natural gas,” said AFS CEO Doug Kurkul. “We’re happy to partner with APPI Energy to offer this money-saving benefit to our members.” 

After choosing a supplier, APPI’s customer service team interacts with utilities and suppliers on behalf of manufacturers to ensure smooth transactions. Additionally, APPI Energy can consult and provide guidance on energy management strategies, energy efficiency projects, Demand Response programs, alternative energy solutions and real-time energy management systems. 

To learn more about the AFS Energy Program and APPI Energy, including states where this program is available, click here. For questions about AFS Corporate Membership, please contact Ben Yates at (847) 803-5278 or