CDC Issues Testing Strategy for COVID-19 after a Case is Identified

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) issued a guidance document for high-density critical infrastructure workplaces that test employees for COVID-19 as part of their disease control measures. Foundries and related manufacturers may be included as such workplaces.

The CDC guidance notes that workers in high-density settings who are in the workplace for long time periods (e.g., for 8-12 hours per shift) and who have prolonged close contact (within 6 feet for 15 minutes or more) may be at increased risk for exposure to COVID-19.

The recommendations outline potential testing strategies in the event of a confirmed COVID-19 case in the workplace. These include organizing employees by risk categories, contact tracing to help identify possible spread, taking action in the event of multiple positive cases, and recommendations on when exposed employees can return to work. The CDC also indicates that testing strategies should only be used if the testing results will lead to specific actions.