Foundry 4.0 Conference moved to Spring 2021

The American Foundry Society is rescheduling an important event, the Foundry 4.0 Conference, from June 2020 to spring 2021. Modern Casting magazine will continue to publish information on this important issue; see the link at the bottom of this message.

The decision to postpone the conference resulted from respect for company travel restrictions.

“Innovative product demonstrations, exhibits, and attendee networking are all a big part of the plan for the Foundry 4.0 Conference,” explained Steve Robison, AFS Chief Technical Services Officer. “These are all best achieved with a live, well-attended, in-person event, which is not practical at this time due to current travel restrictions. These factors all contributed to the decision to postpone the conference until spring 2021. AFS will announce the dates for the 2021 Foundry 4.0 Conference as soon as details are finalized.”

The forward-looking event promises to be one of the most critical conferences of 2021. Embracing the automation and connectivity of the broader Industry 4.0 movement, the Foundry 4.0 Conference will explore the future of metalcasting, from artificial intelligence and robotics to augmented reality and beyond.

In the meantime, AFS is continuing to support the industry as it implements this groundbreaking technology. A recent issue of Modern Casting featured Foundry 4.0 case studies, interviews with metalcasters and suppliers who use this technology, and more important resources.

As new technology continues to push the foundry industry forward, metalcasters won’t want to miss this opportunity to learn from experts on the cutting edge of the next industrial revolution. Look for conference registration details soon from AFS. To read the Foundry 4.0 issue of Modern Castingclick here.