AFS Urges Administration to Classify Metalcasting as Essential Industry

AFS continues to advocate for metalcasting during the COVID-19 crisis facing the U.S. and the metalcasting supply chain. On Friday, March 20, AFS sent a letter to Vice President Mike Pence in his role leading the COVID-19 task force, asking the administration to identify foundries, their supply chains, and workers as essential when drafting and enforcing shelter-in-place rules during the pandemic.

“Countless sectors rely upon the existence of castings, including those vital to critical infrastructure such as national defense, medical, transportation, electric power and energy generation systems, as well as our drinking water and wastewater systems,” wrote Doug Kurkul, AFS CEO. “Foundries are the mainstay of national defense. … Critical castings are found in military aircraft, tanks, ships, submarines, communication systems,” and other vital defense weaponry, the letter said.

“As the Trump administration continues to take critical actions aimed at limiting the spread of COVID-19, we ask that foundries (ferrous and non-ferrous), their suppliers, and their workers in the U.S. be recognized as “essential” to the nation’s COVID-19 pandemic response. We also request that you encourage state, city and local governments to make the same designation,” the letter said.

Please click here for the complete letter requesting status for foundries as essential service.

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