AFS Institute Announces Introductory and Career-Advancing Courses for Spring in Chicagoland

The AFS Institute offers a variety of topics in instructor-led training programs to further expertise in the different alloys of metalcasting and to hone troubleshooting skills. Save your seat by registering here.

March 25-26: Casting Defect Analysis
Participants will become proficient in applying a ten-step procedure that will enable them to analyze and reduce metalcasting defects by correctly identifying defects, root causes, and determining corrective action.

May 13: Steel 101
This introductory course provides participants with a basic understanding of steel classifications, metallurgical aspects, and the steelmaking process. This course covers the following topics: steelmaking and casting in a metalcasting facility, metallurgy and classification, heat treatment, quality control, and understanding customer steel specifications.

June 3: Aluminum 101
Participants in this introductory course will develop their knowledge of aluminum’s characteristics and properties, the use of appropriate alloying elements, latest industry applications, and important considerations when working with cast aluminum parts. Course materials include the latest information in melting and casting technology and the decision-making process for choosing specific technologies.


June 4: Green Sand Molding 101
Students are introduced to the green sand molding process used with a metalcasting facility. Discussion will include: basic terminology, types of sands used to make green sand molds, the mold making-process, using and maintaining process equipment, and considerations for identifying casting defects.

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