Race Over to Indy for Two AFS Institute Courses

Metalcasters will learn more in two critical areas of the business: detecting and reducing defects and applying concepts and methods of cost estimating during AFS Institute classes in the Indianapolis region.

Casting Defect Analysis April 29-30

In the first Indy course offering, participants will become proficient in applying a 10-step procedure to analyze and reduce metalcasting defects by correctly identifying their root causes and determining the appropriate corrective actions. This course is applicable to sand molding processes (green, no-bake, coldbox, and shell). AFS-CIATF “International Atlas of Casting Defects” and the three AFS Casting Defects handbooks are included with the course.

Casting Cost Estimating June 24-25

In June, Indy participants will gain insight into costing methodology, cost estimating techniques, and a better understanding of the complexities of casting production with insights into the reasons for differences among foundry estimates. The information from this workshop will help the estimator determine the cost of making a product and to make more effective decisions with regards to the casting process.

Both classes are being offered by the AFS Institute as part of its program to bring popular courses to metalcasters across the country. Casting Defect Analysis is April 29-30 at the Hilton Garden Inn Carmel in Carmel, Ind. On June 24-25, Casting Cost Estimating returns to the same location near Indianapolis. To register and to see the full calendar of courses, click here.

For more information, contact Jen Christian, AFS Institute, Director of Training Solutions, at