AFS Supports Legislation to Help Solve Truck Driver Shortage

Many metalcasters are experiencing the effects of the truck driver shortage across the nation. AFS has been working with a coalition and recently joined on a congressional letter with over 80 organizations urging that the DRIVE Safe Act be included in the next highway bill. 

The DRIVE Safe Act would harmonize interstate truck driver age minimums with current intrastate requirements.  A critical obstacle to attracting new commercial truck drivers is that while virtually all states allow people to obtain a commercial driver’s license at age 18, they are prohibited from operating in interstate commerce until they are 21. As a result, metalcasters and other industry sectors face challenges shipping their products and obtaining supplies.

This legislation would eliminate that obstacle, allowing more drivers to transport goods across state lines and providing a pathway to high-paying jobs for young adults. The House bill currently has 129 House cosponsors and 34 cosponsors in the Senate. More information is available at