New AFS Webinars Show How to Use e-Learning for Employee Training

AFS is launching a webinar series next month to show companies how to optimize e-Learning for their employees.  

The four, 30-minute sessions will show how e-Learning can support and add value to your training programs. These webinars are free for current AFS members.

The two E-Learning Best Practices webinars will share 5 methods of delivering e-Learning to employees, emphasizing the pros and cons of each approach.  

The other two E-Learning Onboarding Programs webinars explain how AFS’ suite of e-Learning modules can be used to optimize the employee onboarding process. 

Who should attend? Any leader who is considering the power and practicality of e-Learning but wants to learn how to effectively incorporate these modules.  

All four webinars will be presented by Clarence Trowbridge, AFS VP of Education and Workforce Development. Clarence is accepting other training topics to discuss in the webinars at  

The first webinar is Thursday, Feb. 6 at 1 p.m. CT. Sign up now to reserve a spot.  

Non-members may pay to register for the webinars.