Coming to Pennsylvania: Gating and Riser Design 101 and 201

Metalcasters will have a great opportunity to learn the most up-to-date gating and risering techniques during a pair of AFS Institute courses coming to Pennsylvania in February and May.

Gating and Riser Design 101 guides students through the basic functions of gating and risers so they can provide clean, sound and functional castings. A follow-up course, Gating and Riser Design 201, goes a step further, emphasizing the application of sands, chill, sleeves, and other thermal control properties, and fluid flow principles and filtration.

The 101 course is for people who are new to gating and riser design or who need to brush up on the basics. While the 201 level is ideal for metalcasters who’ve already completed the first course, anyone with advanced knowledge of gating and riser design will find it useful.

Completing the 101 level is not a prerequisite for enrolling in 201.

Both classes are being offered by the AFS Institute as part of its program to bring popular courses to metalcasters across the country. Gating and Riser Design 101 is Feb. 5-6 at Holiday Inn Lancaster in Lancaster, PA. On May 5-6, Gating and Riser Design 201 returns to the same location. To register, click here.