Plan to Host a Plant Tour with Your Lawmakers over the August Recess!

A friendly reminder from the AFS Washington, D.C., office: What you’re about to read is a valuable opportunity to get your metalcasting business in front of lawmakers. You do a ton of great work and our country benefits from your castings. Make sure the people elected to represent you hear your voice!

Now is a great time to contact your lawmakers to invite them to tour your foundry! 

The U.S. House of Representatives and Senate will be on recess from Aug. 2 to Sept. 6. It is a great opportunity to meet with your members of Congress and/or their staffs, introduce them to your employees and your foundry, and underscore the importance of the metalcasting industry to their community, state, and the U.S. economy.  There are over 100 new lawmakers and dozens of new staffers in the 116th Congress.

A congressional facility tour typically consists of a 1-2-hour visit with your Member of Congress and/or their staff at your plant. While the general structure and layout of the visit is up to you, typical format consists of a chance for the Member of Congress to meet with your company’s leadership team, highlight key issues facing your foundry, and a tour of the manufacturing facility, while meeting some of your employees along the way.

The AFS Washington office is happy to help you with scheduling your appointments and in providing you with the tools you need to engage your elected officials during the extended break. If you do host a plant tour, make sure to let us know and please send pictures to