From the CEO: Technical and research leadership at AFS

Doug Kurkul is CEO of the American Foundry Society.

Unique among its peers, the American Foundry Society is four organizations in one: a) A professional technical society, b) an industry advocacy organization, c) a provider of quality educational services, and d) a publisher of a broad variety of media content. All four roles support the AFS mission, which is to “advance the success of our members and the metalcasting industry through advocacy, education, and innovation.”  Thanks to member involvement, AFS can be effective in all four roles. This month’s column focuses on our role as the premier technical society for the $33 billion metalcasting industry.

AFS today has 17 research projects underway totaling $560,000. Our research is funded chiefly by corporate member dues, and updates are published regularly in this newsletter and in Modern Casting. Each project is selected by the AFS Research Board based on its potential to benefit AFS members and advance the industry. About half of the research is being performed at FEF universities, with the rest being done at foundries and other research labs.

Concurrently, AFS is involved in about $2 million in government-funded research and additional research through the Worcester Polytechnic Institute.

Traditionally, research came primarily from just two of the AFS technical divisions. Today, no fewer than eight divisions are involved in generating research proposals: Steel; Cast Iron; Aluminum; Environment, Health and Safety; Lost Foam; Investment Casting; Sand Casting; and Additive Manufacturing.

AFS also has active technical committees in the areas of Copper, Molding Methods, Melting Methods, as well as Engineering. Committees provide amazing opportunities to meet industry peers, grow professionally, and shape the AFS research agenda. Now is the perfect time to join an AFS technical committee, whether you are an industry newcomer or veteran: Contact Kim Perna or Ryan Davis at 800-537-4237. 

Dozens of technical and management presentations will be offered at CastExpo 2019 in Atlanta on April 27-30. As North America’s premier foundry trade show, the event will also afford the first opportunity to see first-hand the impressive new foundry equipment and innovations for 2019 displayed by hundreds of elite industry suppliers.

Technical conferences in 2019 will include the Advanced Waste and Byproducts Seminar on Feb. 19-20 in Schaumburg, IL; the Copper Alloy Workshop on Sept. 18-19 in Schaumburg, IL; Safety 101 in Charlotte, NC on Oct. 6-7; the EHS Conference in the same city Oct. 8-10; and the International Ferrous Melting Conference Oct. 30-Nov. 1 in Nashville, TN.

Do you have technical questions? One great way to get industry feedback is by posting your question on Casting Connection. Another is by calling our technical experts on staff: Steve Robison, Frank Headington and Juliette Garesché. For foundry education courses, e-learning, or customized training, contact Clarence Trowbridge, Bo Wallace or Renee Berrigan.

As always, thank you for your involvement in AFS. We look forward to serving you.