Mark your calendar for 2019 AFS Members Only Webinars

AFS is announcing the first group of Members Only Webinars for 2019, starting with crucial presentations in January. Members Only Webinars add value to your AFS experience all year, and the 2019 slate of webinars will support your metalcasting business.

Add these webinars to your calendar today for the following presentations:

  • Scanning & Eliminating Slow Moving Patterns, Jan. 8
  • Silica FAQs, Jan. 10
  • What is an Inoculant & What Does it do? Jan. 15
  • Update on Prop 65, Jan. 17
  • Recordkeeping, Jan. 23
  • Demonstration of the Impact of Thermomagnetic Processing on Cast Aluminum Alloys, Feb. 7
  • Nadcap & the Foundry Industry, Feb. 26
  • Design Principles for Effective Casting Production, March 5
  • The Purpose & Description of Failure Analysis, April 2
  • Why Lost Foam? The Pros and Cons of Using the Lost Foam Process, May 2
  • AFS Research: Effect of Filling Conditions on Steel Casting Quality, May 14
  • 3D Sand Printing-Operation/Maintenance Considerations, June 4
  • Process & Data Automation for Mid-sized Foundries, July 9
  • AFS Research: Quantifying Casting Quality, July 16
  • AFS Research: Pre-Firing Time/Temperature effect on Investment Shells, Aug. 13  

Each AFS Members Only Webinar begins at 1 p.m. CT. The cost is $250 for non-AFS members for each webinar. These webinars keep AFS Members aware and informed about the pressing issues the industry is most concerned with.

The webinar on Jan. 17 has profound regulatory implications explained on the registration page:

If you’ve visited California in recent years you may have noticed signs reading, “Warning:  This area contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer.”  California’s Prop 65 warning regulations have been around for a while, warning state residents of carcinogens and other chemical hazards.  As of August 2018, new, more specific labeling and signage requirements are being required.  Any foundry with 10 or more employees, that sells castings that could be used, machined, or processed in California, could be affected by these amendments.  

Go here for the calendar of upcoming webinars and be sure to register now. More Members Only Webinars will be scheduled in coming months.