AFS iron inoculation conference draws global experts

Cast iron experts from North America, South America, and Europe converged on Louisville Aug. 20-21 for the 2018 AFS Cast Iron Inoculation Conference.

More than 100 people attended the event, which covered technical aspects of inoculation and its practical application. Conference highlights included presentations from Cathrine Hartung of Elkem Foundry Products in Norway and Aurélie Fay of Ferroglobe in France.

Hartung kicked off the conference by giving a primer on inoculation. On inoculant selection, she stressed measurability and considerations such as repeatability and slag generation. Hartung noted the inoculant’s effect depends on such varied factors as chemistry, time, temperature, the addition rate, and the history of the iron.

Fay’s presentation centered on the efficacy of preconditioning in the inoculation process. Specifically, she focused on preconditioning with high barium-bearing inoculants and its effect on metallurgical conditions and the mechanical properties of castings. Fay also discussed the role of inoculants in preventing the formation of chunky graphite.

Speakers presented case studies and highlighted application. Foundry representatives discussed everything from the parameters that matter when evaluating inoculants to the successful operation and maintenance of in-stream inoculant feeders.

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