Keep your competitive advantage with this additive conference from AFS

Additive manufacturing is fundamentally changing metalcasting—and not just at foundries that already use 3D printing.

“The companies who aren’t adopting [3D] technology are not attracting the younger employees who can help them sustain their organizations, and they’re not being competitive,” said Jerry Thiel, director of the Metal Casting Center at the University of Northern Iowa. “They’re losing that competitive advantage to other foundries.”

With many OEMs now requiring foundries to have additive capabilities, it’s more important than ever for metalcasters to integrate 3D technology into their processes. At the AFS Additive Manufacturing for Metalcasting Conference, metalcasters will learn to use 3D printing to secure new customers, improve existing components and increase their profits. Even metalcasters with no experience in additive will come away with the knowledge they need to get started at their own foundries.

But why attend the AFS Additive Manufacturing for Metalcasting Conference instead of one of those general 3D printing events?

“The interesting thing about the technology is that it is constantly changing,” Thiel said. “Unless you’re attending conferences specific to the foundry industry, you’re behind.”

The 2018 AFS Additive Manufacturing for Metalcasting Conference is Sept. 10-13 in Louisville, Kentucky. Hotel rooms must be reserved by Aug. 19. For more information and to register, please click here.