Molding Methods & Materials Division

The Molding Division is dedicated to the study and understanding of the methods used to produce metal castings. The bulk of division activity is directed toward sand casting as the most prominent casting process. Committee efforts include work dedicated to sand cores and investment casting.

Executive/Program Committee―Coordinates and guides division activities, and coordinates the sand and investment casting technical sessions at the annual AFS Metalcasting Congress.

Technical Publications Monitoring Committee―Continuously reviews and revises the test procedures published in the AFS Mold and Core Test Handbook.

Awards Committee―Selects and submits nominations to the AFS Board of Awards.

Mold-Metal Interface Reactions Committee (Refractory Coatings Committee)―Primarily focuses on refractory mold and core coatings, along with the complex mechanisms of mold/core behavior and the role of mold atmosphere during the pouring of molten metal to maximize casting surface quality.

Foundry Sand Additives Committee―Studies additives used in green sand molding, including their application and recommended use.

Cured Sand & Aggregate (Core Room) Committee―Provides technical resources to the metalcasting industry through research, education, and technical assistance on all issues relating to cured sand cores and mold processes, materials, equipment and testing.

Investment Casting Committee―Advances the design, application and manufacture of investment castings.

Green Sand Molding Committee―Studies all phases of green sand molding, testing, production, equipment and sand system maintenance.

Travis Frush, Technical Director of Metalcasting Services