Webinar: On Demand Skills Training With the AFS Institute

Take a peek at the AFS Institute’s new e-learning program launched July 1 with Jennifer Morton, AFS e-learning project manager, and Leo Baran, AFS director of membership. This webinar will explore how to integrate e-learning into your company's education program, show the e-learning interface, walk you through an e-learning module, and tell you how you can subscribe to a year of unlimited access to all modules or purchase one module at a time. The AFS Institute currently offers 20 modules covering casting defects, green sand molding, cast iron, and an introduction to metalcasting principles.

The new online courses provide the following benefits:

 Interactive practical skills to use on the shop floor.
 Real world scenarios.
 Flexible time management (each module ranges from 15 minutes to 1 hour+).

Find more information at www.afsinc.org/elearning.