Melting Methods & Materials Division

The Melting Methods & Materials Division is involved in melting methods and materials as they relate to metalcasting, with a focus on coreless induction furnaces, channel induction furnaces, cupola melting and related charge materials. Division activities include the development and engagement in technical discussion and education to improve the capabilities and growth of our members.

Executive/Program Committee―Monitors the activity of the division's individual committees and guiding committee leadership in developing industry-oriented projects. Responsible for the preparation of melting-related technical sessions by securing papers and speakers for the annual AFS Metalcasting Congress.

Coreless Induction Furnace Committee―Develops and disseminates information on all aspects of the operation of coreless induction furnaces, including maintenance, refractories, production methods, metallurgical considerations and power utilization.

Channel Induction Furnace Committee―Assists the industry with operational issues in channel induction furnaces, seeks new methods and ideas to enhance the industry's productivity, shares and disseminates that information with the industry in a timely manner, and promotes safe channel induction furnace operations as the standard goal and best practices.

Cupola Melting Committee―Activities and interests cover all aspects of cupola operation and performance, including safety, construction, operation and metallurgical needs. Develops and presents an annual workshop to provide education for cupola operators and engineers.

Charge Materials Committee―Conducts studies and collects information on the availability, usability and performance of nonferrous and ferrous units vital to the production of cast metals.

Travis Frush, Technical Director of Metalcasting Services