Lost Foam Division

The Lost Foam Division is dedicated to all issues relating to the production of metal castings using the lost foam casting process, including the metallurgical aspects and foam pattern production. Division goals are to promote the benefits of lost foam casting and increase the use of the process.

Executive/Program Task Group―Coordinates and guides division activities and the lost foam-focused sessions at the annual AFS Metalcasting Congress.

Research Task Group―Develops and maintains a long-range research plan directed toward the development of lost foam technology. It assists in developing project concepts and oversees research to benefit the foam casting community.

Education Task Group―Develops lost foam process resources. It facilitates the education of our industry on the lost foam casting process through AFS education venues.

Marketing Lost Foam Task Group―Promotes the unique benefits of lost foam casting to casting buyers and designers.

Bo Wallace, Senior Technical Associate
847-824-0181 ext. 249