Keating Founders’ Freedom Award/William J. Grede Award

This award is presented “for significant contributions to the foundry industry and active participation in the fields of government affairs, human resource management, safety and health, or education.”


This award is presented at the Foundry Leadership Conference held annually in September. To submit a nomination for this award, contact Cathy Potts at


Past winners include:


2016   Janis Herschkowitz, PRL Inc.

2015   Christopher Misiak, Victaulic

2014   Thomas Slavin, Slavin OSH Group LLC

2014   Robert C. Scholz, TRC Environmental Corp..

2013   Geary Smith, G&W Electric

2012   Charles Fowler, Fairmount Minerals

2011   Chris Norch, Denison Industries

2010   Dan Oman, RMT Inc.

2009   Jack Wymer, Fairmount Minerals

2008   Dave Bumbar, Aurora Metals Division LLC

2007   James Young, Unimin Corp.

2006   Russ Murray, Ohio Cast Metals Association

2005   George Boyd Sr., Golden’s Foundry & Machine

2003   G. Thomas Surtees, Citation Corporation

2002   Joseph Robinson, Jr., Robison Foundry

2001   James Larson, Waupaca Foundry

2000   Joseph Garrity, Richmond Casting Co.

1999   Daniel M. Goodyear

1998   Stanley bass, Fort Worth Aluminum Foundry

1997   J. Michael Williams, General Motors Corp.

1996   Donald Hizenga, Kurdziel Industries Inc.

1995   Earl Bradley, Jr. EBAA Iron, Inc.

1994   Donald Lawson, Wagner Castings Co.

1993   Gary Mitchell, Navistar International

1992   Carl Weigell, Motor Catings Co.

1991   Alvin Singleton, Posthumous

1990   Lawrence Krueger, Pelton Casteel Inc.

1989   Roger Hathaway, Neenah Foundry


Note: The James P. Keating Award and the Founder’s Freedom Award were combined in 1989 to form the Keating Founders’ Freedom Award. Earlier recipients of the separate awards were:


Founders’ Freedom Award


1989   Richard Bruggen, Rockwell International


James P. Keating Award


1988   Jerry Jungquist, Prospect Foundry

1987   Glenn Stahl, Stahl Specialty Co.

1985   JP Keating, Neenah Foundry

1984   Doug Warner, Berlin Foundry

1983   Ray Heiden, Galva Foundry Co.

1982   Harry Burns, Stockham Valves & Fittings

1981   E. Frank Tibbetts, Wollaston Alloys Inc.

1980   George Peters, Aurora Industries

1979   J.S. Robbins, Vulcan Mold & Iron

1978   C.J. Niles, Wehr Steel Company

1976   Charles Carolin, Carolin Corp.

1975   Walt Larson, Larson Consolidated


William J. Grede Award


2015    Rick Sutton, General Motors
2013    Manuel Rivera, ALFA Corporativo
2012    Eugene C. Muratore, Rio Tinto Iron & Titanium
2008    Douglas M. Trinowski, HA International
2007    Phil Duke, The Mouat Company, Inc.
2006    Donald E. Gaertner, Retired, Metalcasting Equipment, Inc.
2005    Alan K. Steffe, General Motors Corporation
2001    Robert W. Smillie, Nemak
2000    Charles J. Didion, Didion International Inc.
1999    Donald G. Bruner
1999    William Allan Hunter, Hunter Automated Machinery Corp.
1998    Douglas G. Warner, Porter Warner Industries
1997    John R. (Chip) Keough, Applied Process Inc.
1996    R. Conner Warren, Citation Corp.
1995    Henry M. Rowan, Inductotherm Industires, Inc.
1995    Ronald L. Claussen, Caterpillar Inc.
1994    Lewis W. Essex, Essex Castings, Inc.
1993    Edgar B. Butler, Jr., Taylor & Fenn Co.
1992    Eugene E. Langner, Jr., American Cast Iron Pipe Co.
1991    Burleigh Jacobs, Grede Foundries, Inc.
1990    Anthony Yonto, Quality Casting Co.
1989    Robert Eck, Eck Industries
1988    Richard W. Levan, Western Foundry Co. Ltd.
1987    Jack Steele, Grede Foundries, Inc.
1986    Alvin W. Singleton, Lynchburg Foundry
1985    Thomas J. Trezek, Central Foundry Div., General Motors Corp.
1984    George R. Metcalf, III, EMI Co. (Erie Malleable Iron Co.)
1983    Donald B. Birtwistle, Great Lakes Casting Corp.
1982    William S. Williams, Lynchburg Foundry
1981    Leslie J. Woehlke, Grede Foundries, Inc.
1980    Stedman G. Sweet, The Eastern Co.
1979    Jack Miske, M&T Foundry
1978    Francis LeBaron, E.L. LeBaron Foundry Co.
1977    Max M. Anglin, The Dalton Foundries, Inc.
1976    Albert W. Gruer, Jr., Hamilton Foundry
1974    Carl A. Weigell, Motor Castings Co.
1972    Walter O. Larson, Larson Foundries