Jack F. Steele Excellence in Marketing Award

Jack Steele Award


This award was endowed by Grede Foundries in 2001 to honor the late Jack Steele, one of the foundry industry’s true marketing pioneers. The purpose of the award is to recognize a company, individual or group for achievements in promoting business and the metalcasting industry through an outstanding marketing message.

Award Recipients

2023: Norwin Merens

2022: Geary Smith

2021: David Knapp

2020: Jeff Cook

2017: Al Spada

2016: Chuck Fowler

2015: John Lewensky

2014: Tom Cobett

2013: Chris Norch

2012: Dwight Barnhard

2011: Jack Wymer

2010: Stephen Lane

2009: Gene Murature

2008: Kenneth Kirgin

2007: Paul Gerhardt

2006: Todd Nelson

2005: Mike Gwyn

2004: Mike Lessiter

2003: Joe Farrar

2002: Roy Hanks

2001: John Keough