Government Affairs Division

The Government Affairs Division is dedicated to promoting and defending the interests of AFS members and the industry at large with the federal government and its regulatory agencies, and to increase the visibility and presence of the industry within its decision-making process. The division identifies and monitors, from introductions or proposals or passage or promulgation, a pre-established, realistic manageable set of federal issue priorities; insures adequate, qualified staffing to interpret and inform members about the effects of federal action upon them; collects fact-based information on the industry and its ability to comply and furnish the information to federal offices; and locates within the membership of AFS those individuals and companies able to provide commitment to a proactive government affairs program and a willingness to assist AFS toward this goal.

In addition, the division cooperates with and assists state and chapter groups in joint efforts to advance the issues of the industry before members of Congress.

It also conducts an annual conference for disseminating timely information on the issues to the industry and voicing the industry position to various House and Senate representatives on a face-to-face basis.

Doug Kurkul, AFS CEO
847-824-0181 ext. 244