Engineering Division Committees

The Engineering Division focuses on the advancement of the engineering sciences as they relate to the metalcasting process.

Executive/Program Committee―Organizes, administers, and implements the committees required for the advancement of the engineering sciences related to the utilization and maintenance of equipment and processes and energy management through research, education, and dissemination of technology. The committee is responsible for the preparation of engineering-related sessions at the annual AFS Metalcasting Congress. The committee is responsible for the review and acceptance of papers as prescribed by the rules and regulations of the committee.

Design & Development Committee―Works with designers, buyers and producers of castings to advance collaboration and new technology tools to optimize casting design and development from initial concept to first article validation with minimal time and costs.

Process & System Improvement Committee―Equips foundries with the knowledge and techniques to utilize quality principles to plan, integrate, and continually improve systems, optimizing the company's business practices.

Facility, Operations & Energy Committee―Continually updates, innovates and maintains equipment, infrastructure, utilities, environment, and personnel by utilizing current best practices in ergonomics, energy, waste reduction and efficiency improvements.


Frank Headington, Technical Director,
Steve Robison, Senior Technical Director,