Energy Programs



Energy costs are one of the largest cost centers for most foundries. Unstable energy markets, disruptions in supply chains, as well as climate change/greenhouse gas regulations will likely increase energy costs further. Sound energy-management strategies can be one of the most important steps a foundry can take.

Every operation should closely monitor energy markets and measure, manage and reduce energy consumption as a:

  • Cost reduction strategy that can impact profitability.
  • Risk protection strategy that can protect against future rate increases and regulatory effects.

AFS Energy Efficiency Opportunities
AFS helps Corporate-Member metalcasting facilities manage energy as well as reduce our dependence and carbon footprint.

  • Energy Consultation—This program provides AFS Corporate Member metalcasting facilities a hands-on utility bill audit that often identifies billing errors and refund opportunities. Energy Solutions also offers competitive energy bid management and procurement assistance to ensure best rates and accurate billing. Energy efficiency audits also are available. The program is offered at no upfront cost to AFS Corporate Members only.
  • Energy Star Partnership—AFS and Energy Star have joined forces to reduce energy consumption and improve your bottom line while you become an environmental leader. Energy Star can help you develop and refine your energy management program. Find out how you can manage energy with the same expertise used to manage other parts of your business. 
  • Portable Electricity Monitoring—AFS, in conjunction with Sensor Synergy and Alu-Bra Foundry, recently tested power-monitoring equipment to identify opportunities to save on electricity costs. The program utilized Sensor Synergy’s portable monitoring system to measure and record electricity usage from three of Alu-Bra’s induction furnaces and provided the management team with a real-time electricity cost display. The results were then sent to Sensor Synergy’s central data collection servers for off-site analysis.
  • Energy Risk Management Solutions—A strategic partnership has been formed to consult and assist in the procurement of electricity and natural gas rates for AFS Corporate Members through EMEX’s Reverse Auction Platform. EMEX will also provide customized energy risk management strategies for AFS Corporate Members. The platform generates highly-competitive energy rates in real time from dozens of National Retail Energy Suppliers that work with EMEX. The live online reverse auction, coupled with procurement strategies (customized for each company), will create opportunities to manage and reduce energy costs.