Design Solutions

From casting concept to sourcing, Design Solutions is your one-stop resource.

Designing for the metalcasting process can be a difficult part of any new product development. Whether it's an entirely new product, or a redesign of an existing product from another process, casting design requires a strong knowledge base. And with metalcasting buyers pushing their suppliers more and more for casting design assistance, Design Solutions is the perfect answer for all of your casting design needs. 

The American Foundry Society (AFS), in association with Product Development Analysis LLC, offers Design Solutions, which covers all facets of casting design, including failure analysis, reverse engineering, casting process design and simulation, product performance test evaluations, prototyping and production sourcing. 

For casting design engineers and buyers, AFS Design Solutions Offers:

  • Original Casting Design 
  • Engineering Assistance 
  • Sourcing Consultation 
  • Existing Component Redesign  
  • Failure Analysis
  • Product Performance Evaluations
  • Process Design & Simulation
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Prototyping
  • Tooling
  • Finishing
  • FEA Validation

For Corporate Members, AFS Design Solutions offers: 

  • Potential access to new customers/markets
  • Resources for you to help your customers
  • Everything else listed above!

AFS Case Studies:

CMM Shortens Prototype Lead Time
A 245-lb gray iron disc rotor, its CNC-generated tooling and its other models were genterated from measurements performed by a coodinate measurement machine (CMM). From the findings of casting process modeling, risers and gating were integrated into the design and the casting was poured in green sand molds and machined in less than 6 weeks compared to the conventional method, which took 9 months in past trials.

Conversion Reduces Lead Time & Cost
A defense industry supplier was looking to convert an existing fabricated and welded VME sub-rack to a casting. The component is an electronic enclosure for the command and communication-related circuitry used by the U.S. Navy. Designing, manufacturing and quality-related requirement6s were laid out at the onset of the program. The primary objective was to perform the conversion without affecting any other equipment in the assembly or function of the assembly. The redesign process involved examining the original product, creating the prototype model, running solidification simulations and producing the final casting.

Members of the Tier 1 supplier on the component redesign and executed the industrial contract, project management and client communications for the project while sub-contracting the tooling, castin, machining and finishing. They also produced a scale model of the converted casting to validate form and fit.

Product Development Analysis LLC, Naperville, Ill., has built its reputation by successfully assisting design engineers and component buyers with their most difficult projects.

Let AFS provide your Design Solutions. For more information or to request a quote, email  or contact AFS Customer Service at 800/537-4237.