Identifying the Correct Casting Defect


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March 16, 2021


Participants will be introduced to a basic overview of a casting defect analysis procedure. Course topics will include an introduction to the 10-step method for casting defect identification, how to compose a problem statement, a discussion on the importance of recording process parameters, an introduction to navigating the “International Atlas of Casting Defects”, a path to identifying the correct defect and its root cause for corrective action. Learning a systematic procedure for root cause identification supports the business goal of designing, producing, and selling quality castings in a timely manner and in a safe environment at a profit.

Learning outcomes

Class participants will learn to:

  • List the steps used in casting defect analysis.
  • State the benefits of using a consistent approach.
  • Identify a good problem statement.
  • Collect process data using the process sheet.
  • State the importance of evaluating data.
  • Use the international atlas of casting defects classification system.

Course Length

0.5 days

CEU Units

0.60 CEU

Course outline

Module 1: Introduction
Module 2: Casting Defect Analysis Procedure

•    The 10-Step Procedure

Module 3: Problem Statements

•    Identification and Definition
•    Writing a Good Problem Statement

Module 4: Collect Process Data

•    Data Collection
•    Process Sheet

Module 5: Evaluate Data

•    Relevant Data

Module 6: Classify and Identify Defects

•    Defect Classification System
•    Descriptions, Causes and Remedies
•    Asking Why 5 Times

Module 7: Conclusion
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