Copper Alloy Division

The AFS Copper Alloy Division is actively involved in all facets of copper, brass and bronze casting. Activities include developing and disseminating technical information through seminars, presentations and publications to help improve the effectiveness of copper alloy foundries; monitoring new regulations and standards; and developing and overseeing research to address casting issues.

Executive/Program Committee―Oversees division and committee activities and preparation of copper-focused technical sessions for the annual AFS Metalcasting Congress.

Awards Committee―Selects and submits nominations to the AFS Board of Awards.

Research Task Group―Develops and submits project ideas on research topics related to the technology of copper-base castings.

Education Task Group―Works with the AFS Institute staff in reviewing and developing curricula for courses of interest to personnel producing copper alloy castings.

Gating & Risering Task Group―Focuses on various commercial gating/risering techniques for common copper alloy sand castings.

Technology Transfer Task Group―Identifies, investigates and evaluates various new materials and methods used in all phases of copper alloy metalcasting production.

Nonferrous Foundry Bulletin:

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