CHAMPS Project – Additional Alloy Design Data

The CHAMPS Statistical Properties Project goal is incorporation of material property design data for additional cast alloys, A201/206 in the initial phase and then 17-4-PH or Ti6Al4V in second phase, into MMPDS (Metallic Materials Properties Development and Standardization) handbook, which replaced Milhandbook 5, so that this material can be specified and used to design and manufacture flight critical components in military and civilian aircraft. This builds on the original just completed E357 effort of establishing a framework to design a series of test specimens that encompass the various section thicknesses used in these applications utilizing process simulation software, validate the approach metallographically, coordinate collection of required samples from a consortium of qualified foundries and submit the data for statistical analysis and approval by MMPDS board for incorporation into the MMPDS standards. The benefit to DLA is the development of statistical based property data will permit the use of castings across a broader range of applications and will provide the following benefits. The Engineering Support Activities at the DLA will be able to make cast alloy conversion/replacement decisions with assurance using statistical data on tensile, compressive, shear, and bearing properties from the FAA recognized source, MMPDS Handbook. Also reduced lead times with cast components competing on an equal basis with forging and assemblies from sheet, plate, and extruded mill products.

As with the E-357 project the intended outcome will be cast A&B design property allowables for the alloys selected for inclusion in the MMPDS (old Mil Spec Handbook 5) to meet FAA requirements. This will allow aerospace design engineers to specify castings without using design safety factors. Various working groups will be actively looking at melt practices, test casting gating and filling, heat treatment parameters, testing protocol and weld repair standards. The initial casting trials will follow the approach taken for E357 and conducted for 1.5 x 2.5-in. plate cast in both horizontal and vertical gating approaches, and a heat treat study was conducted at various participating foundries. These plates will be tested for tensile properties and undergone microstructural evaluation. The project just is now starting and those wishing to participate or want more information should contact Steve Robison, AFS senior technical director.