Cast Iron Division

The Cast Iron Division is involved in all segments of iron casting production, including melting and pouring, casting processes and metallurgy. Division activities include the development and supervision of research and engagement in technical discussion and education to improve the capabilities and growth of our members.

Executive/Program Committee―Oversees division and committee activities and preparation of cast iron-related technical sessions for the annual AFS Metalcasting Congress.

Special Irons Committee―Compiles and disseminates information concerning high-strength, heat-resistant, corrosion-resistant or wear-resistant specialty irons.

Gray, Ductile & Compacted Graphite Iron Research Committee―Guides and conducts research and promotes projects for improving and developing cast iron technologies.

Cast Iron Production and Processing Committee―Identifies and addresses issues with the production and processing of cast irons.

Awards Committee―Selects and submits nominations to the AFS Board of Awards.

Travis Frush, Technical Director of Metalcasting Services