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Recycled Foundry Sand is a two-part series that appeared in HMAT magazine in 2002:

Evaluating the Use of Waste Materials in Hot Mix Asphalt: Special Report 165: NAPA, 1995.

Recycled Materials Resource Center (RMRC) Foundry Sand Portal

RMRC Webinar:  Designing Hot Mix Asphalt with Foundry Sand

Foundry Sand References:  The RMRC Foundry Sand Portal contains a searchable database of journal articles and technical literature.

Standards and Specifications:  The RMRC Foundry Sand Portal includes a searchable database of standards and specifications relating to the use of foundry sand in highway and construction applications.

Note:  ASTM is developing a Standard Specification for the use of Foundry Sand in Bituminous Mixtures.  The standard is expected to be voted upon in 2010.

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