AFS Salary & Wage Surveys

The metalcasting industry needs to keep its wage and benefits structure current to provide competitive salaries and to attract and retain talent. A pair of surveys to gather information on compensation and benefits at metalcasting plants across North America will help participants do just that. When you answer these surveys, you save money!

These confidential surveys will gather information about compensation by job position and benefits, including vacation, insurance, raises/bonuses, retirement plans, and shift premiums.

The Professional and Technical Salaried Survey contains 15 management positions and will provide a greater level of detail than former reports. The AFS Foundry Hourly Wage and Benefits Survey has been reformulated and contains 27 hourly positions that reflect the current metalcasting industry workforce. Foundries negotiating new union contracts will find the data in these reports to be vital to the evolving metalcasting workforce.

We believe the surveys will provide you with the data necessary to provide competitive salaries, ensuring your ability to attract and retain top management, an invaluable investment in your organization’s future. All information is kept confidential.

Profit Planning Group, an independent third-party organization, is compiling the surveys. The report will gather standard compensation and benefit practices at North American metalcasting plants, helping participants attract and retain workers. AFS staff is not involved in these steps.

Click the button below to begin taking the surveys. Email your completed file to or drop it into the secure dropbox at Do not submit scans, printouts or substitute files.

If you have any questions, please contact AFS Director of Human Resources Cathy Potts at Take the survey and get the information you need! Final deadline to participate is October 15th

Click here to take the AFS Professional and Technical Salaried Survey and the AFS Foundry Hourly Wage and Benefits Survey.