AFS Peer Review

2022 AFS Peer Reviewers

AFS thanks metalcasting industry professionals for their time and effort spent on reviewing technical paper submissions in 2022. The role of recognized metalcasting industry experts as peer reviewers is critical when evaluating AFS technical paper submissions.

The American Foundry Society follows peer review guidelines when approving technical paper submissions for potential publication.

  • Each paper is assigned to three or more reviewers with expertise in the paper subject matter.
  • Papers are reviewed for technical and scientific merit and must contain sufficient data and/or experimentation details.
  • The subject matter must fall within the field of AFS activities.
  • Contents must not be of commercial in nature, trivial or expanded.
  • Subject matter can not be speculative in nature.
  • Content must be in good literary form, contains continuity of thought and clarity of expression.

AFS Transactions Reviewers

The following peer reviewers provide an invaluable service to AFS and help to maintain and uphold the quality of our papers.

  • Robert Baird, General Motors
  • Brian Began, American Foundry Society, Inc.
  • Jeff Beuthien, McWane, Inc.
  • Brodie Biersner, HA International LLC
  • Emily Bosovich, Kohler Co.
  • Deanne Bremer, Badger Mining Corp.
  • Nathaniel Bryant, University of Northern Iowa
  • Jason Bush, Waupaca Foundry, Inc.
  • Brent Charlton, Metal Technologies, Inc.
  • D.J. Couture, Retired
  • Diana David, Questek Innovations
  • Matheus de Oliveira, MAGMA Foundry Technologies Inc.
  • Thomas Dore, Retired from American Foundry Society
  • Herbert Doty, General Motors
  • Rich Fercy, Tricon Wear Solutions LLC
  • David Fletcher, Lodge Mfg. Co. 
  • James Furness, Furness Newburge Inc.
  • Hideki Gebken, Standard Manufacturers Services Ltd.
  • David Gilson, SinterCast Inc.
  • Anthony Goettsch, Deere & Co.
  • John Grabel, Retired
  • Benjamin Groth, ExOne
  • Kathy Hayrynen, Aalberts Surface Technologies
  • Dan Hoefert, Eck Industries Inc.
  • David Hughes, US Pipe & Foundry Co.
  • Ray Janson, Applied Ceramics Inc.
  • Sara Joyce, Badger Mining Corp.
  • Sudesh Kannan, The Institute 
  • David Keese, Caterpillar Inc.
  • Adam Kopper, Mercury Marine
  • Jeff Krause, HA International LLC
  • Victor LaFay, CommonSense Applications
  • Brandon Lamoncha, Humtown Products
  • Peter Leblang, Betz Industries 
  • Patrick McCrevan, B&L Information Systems, Inc.
  • Gregory Miskinis, Retired from Waupaca Foundry, Inc.
  • Patrick Morrison, Signicast Investment Castings
  • Eric Nelson, Dotson Iron Castings
  • Mark Osborne, Wabtec
  • Raymond Ostrowski, Ardagh Glass Packing
  • Paul Paulsen, Furness Newburge Inc.
  • Andrew Pike, Mueller Co.
  • Thomas Prucha, Metal Morphasis LLC
  • Kramer Pursell, Metal Technologies Auburn LLC
  • Santosh Rachuri, Asama Coldwater Manufacturing Inc.
  • Brian Rachwitz, EJ
  • Sairam Ravi, Atek Metal Technologies
  • John Reesman, Caterpillar Inc.
  • Brandon Reneau, Caterpillar Inc.
  • Mike Riabov, Elkem Foundry Products 
  • Kirk Rogers, M&P Gravity Works LLC
  • Russell Rosmait, Pittsburg State University
  • Theodore Schorn, Enkei America Inc.
  • Julia Scruton, Baker Manufacturing Co.
  • Jitendra Shah, Product Development & Analysis LLC
  • Thomas Slavin, Slavin OSH Group LLC
  • Martin Stromberger, TRC
  • Andrew Swansiger, North Star Casteel Products Inc.
  • John Tartaglia, Element Materials Technology
  • Robert Tuttle, Western Michigan University
  • B Lee Tuttle, Retired
  • Andy Wang, General Motors
  • Daniel Weaver, REFCOTEC Inc.
  • David Weiss, Eck Industries Inc.
  • Jim Wenson, Sinto America 
  • Leonard Winardi, Charlotte Pipe & Foundry Co.

2021 AFS International Journal of Metalcasting Peer Reviewers

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