About AFS and Metalcasting

AFS Staff Speakers Bureau

Leo Baran
Director, Member Services

Topics: Overview of AFS and the Institute (a review of “what’s new at AFS,” as well as member benefits), Revitalization of North American Metalcasting, How to Exhibit at a Trade Show (do’s and don’ts, plus the top 10 mistakes exhibitors make), Understanding Non-Ferrous Alloys (a “metallurgy-light review of non-ferrous alloys from Aluminum to Zinc); Getting the Next Generation Involved in Metalcasting, Foundry in a Box

Zayna Connor
Vice President, Technical Services

Topics: Aluminum Castings, Iron Castings, Materials Science (Aluminum and/or Iron), Solid Solution Strengthened Ferritic Ductile Iron, AFS Committee Structure, AFS Committee Research, AFS Consortium Participation

Shelly Dutler
Director of Education 

Topics: AFS Institute, Metalcasting Industry Education and Training, E-Learning Initiative, Material Science and Engineering, Foundry in a Box

Doug Kurkul

Topics: Overview of AFS and the Institute (a review of “what’s new at AFS,” as well as member benefits), AFS Involvement, Government Advocacy and Issues Affecting Metalcasters, Revitalization of the North American Metalcasting Industry, The Manufacturing Economy

Scott Lammers
Technical Director

Topics: Melting / Pouring, Process Control, Molding Methods ( Shell Mold, Cold Box, No Bake, Green Sand ) Copper Based Alloys, Cast Iron and Steel Alloys, Testing and Inspection, Casting Defects 

Steve Robison
Senior Technical Director

Topics: Aluminum Casting, Energy Conservation, AFS Involvement, AFS Committee Structure, Metalcasting Research

Stephanie Salmon
Government Affairs Representative, Washington Office

Topics: Government Advocacy, Policy Issues Affecting Metalcasters, Silica Regulation

Directory of Metalcasting Industry Speakers

AFS also offers an extensive Directory of Metalcasting Industry Speakers from among the AFS membership, which is updated once every two years by the AFS Technical Services Department. To contact one of the speakers, call AFS Technical department at 800-537-4237.

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