REL Inc.'s Cast Aluminum Conformable Storage Tank

Michigan’s REL Inc. hopes to improve compressed natural gas storage with an innovative aluminum casting produced via a modified low pressure permanent mold process.


A Purchasing Evolution

On p. 45 of this issue, our CEO Journal columnist, Dan Marcus, provides interesting insight into today’s casting buyer and the transition...

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    01.28.16: Omen USA to Place First North American Facility in Indiana

    Omen USA, Kibboutz Hatzor, Israel, is planning to place its first North American facility in Richmond, Indiana. According to a press release, up to 100 jobs will be created by 2019.

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    01.20.16: St. Croix Castings Honored

    The facility was named the 2015 "Small Business of the Year" by a local economic development group.

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    12.08.15: New Version of Simulation Software Set for Release

    Flow Science Inc., Sante Fe, N.M., announced the released a new version of FLOW-3D Cast, its software specially designed for metalcasters. FLOW-3D Cast v4.1 offers powerful advances in modeling capabilities, accuracy and performance.

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