Metal Printing: Friend or Foe?

What is the future of metalcasting?

This is a great question. This is a question that should allow you to put your heels up on your desk, lean back and just ponder for the entire afternoon.

Maybe your mind darts to robotics to elim...

Industry News

  • AFS News

    05.21.15: Indiana Metalcaster Receives Public Grants

    Tech Castings LLC, Shirley, Ind., an investment casting facility of vacuum-melt superalloy turbine engine components serving commercial and military aerospace customer base, was recently awarded grants and tax credits by the Indiana Economic Development Corporation.

  • AFS News

    05.18.15: Effort Foundry to Expand with $1.7M Loan

    Effort Foundry in Bath, Pa., recently received a $400,000 low-interest loan from the Pennsylvania Industrial Development Authority (PIDA). The funds will be used to purchase equipment to improve finishing capabilities.

  • AFS News

    05.12.15: Schust Introduces New Line of Dust Collectors

    Schust Standard Products, Auburn, Ind., is extending its Liberator series line of round collectors.

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