Fall River Foundry's Molding, Sand Upgrades

Wisconsin's Fall River Foundry wanted to add a second automated pouring line but first needed to improve its sand system. Now, after a two-year, $4-million investment, the copper-based casting facility has revamped its sand and molding operations.


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Welcome to our annual Plant Engineering issue of Modern Casting.  This is the third year in a row we have published an October issue dedicated to examining ways metalcasters can and are re-engineering their facilities to enhance production an...

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    10.09.15: Brembo Purchases Chinese Iron Casting Facility

    Italian disc brakes producer Brembo announced on September 29 that it had reached an agreement to buy a 66% stake in ASIMCO Meilian Braking Systems Co. Ltd., Langfang, China.

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    10.07.15: Alcoa Plans to Invest $60M in R&D

    Aerospace manufacturer Alcoa, Pittsburgh, has announced plans to invest $60 million at its technical center in New Kensington, Pa., to expand its 3-D printing capabilities.

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    10.09.15: Hydraulic Cutter for Aluminum Castings

    The AUC-20 cutter from Hirado Kinzoku Kogyo Inc., Fukuoka, Japan, has been developed for cutting aluminum, copper and bronze.

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