Keynote Speakers

Hoyt Lecture: Transformation of the Modern Foundry
Tuesday, April 13
Greg Miskinis
Director of Research and Process Development, Waupaca Foundry

The foundry industry has been in a state of transformation for over 2,600 years. From shapes carved into stone, to topologically optimized and additive manufacture facilitated creations, the evolution of metalcasting is easily witnessed. Whether this change has come about by man, method, material or market is debatable. With the gradual shift from internal combustion engine personal vehicles to semi or fully-autonomous electric vehicles, competing in these shrinking markets will likely require agile and novel foundry solutions. This year’s Hoyt Lecture will examine how foundries have been transformed primarily by shifts in the workforce, market pressures brought by global flattening (competition), environmental, health and safety and even by disaster.

Tom Prucha
President, Metal Morphasis LLC

Tom Prucha is Editor-In-Chief of The International Journal of Metalcasting (IJMC), AFS' official technical and research journal.