Casting Designers and Buyers Track

Metalcasting Congress 2020 includes sessions focused on casting designers and buyers.  Sessions will be held at the Casting Source Theater in the AFS HUB on the exhibit floor.  

Wednesday, april 22

9:15-10:15 A.M. | AFS HUB

The Underutilized Competitive Advantage: Benefiting From Life Cycle Analyses

Jeremy Lipshaw, Unaffiliated, Ferndale, MI

The casting industry has an opportunity to leverage the inherent strengths of its product into a competitive advantage by embracing sustainability assessments based on Life Cycle Analysis (LCA). While classical vehicle sustainability metrics primarily consider how materials affect fuel economy via lightweighting, LCA accounts for the entire lifecycle of the material or product, including the production, use, and end-of-life. Due to castings’ recyclability and lower embodied energy, castings have the potential to be more sustainable in this framework. However, the casting industry is underprepared to compete in LCA-based evaluations. There is little data on the casting process to aid the development of LCAs. Furthermore, the well-documented and inaccurate “perception problem” within industry that castings are heavy and outdated discourages researchers from considering this line of study. This paper recommends the Metalcasting Industry to sponsor casting Life Cycle Analyses and support LCA-based sustainability metrics.


1-2 P.M. | AFS HUB

Working With Your Foundry to Design for Manufacturability

Andy Mastalir, CA Lawton Co, DePere, WI; RJ Hawkins, CA Lawton, Huntington, TX

Small but important changes to a component’s design can lead to significant cost, weight, and time savings. Early design discussions with a qualified casting source will pay dividends.


2:15-3:15 P.M. | AFS HUB

Trends in Reducing Weight with Metal Castings

Andrew Halonen, Mayflower Consulting LLC, Calumet, MI

Opportunities for lightweighting with metal castings abound through material choice and smart designs. Examples in iron and aluminum will be shared, along with current trends and future opportunities for reducing weight in cast components.