Foundry Video Central: Cost-efficient, high-profile messaging for your foundry!

Has your foundry produced a promotional video that you’d like more casting buyers and designers to see? Foundry Video Central is a new web platform on which you can share your company’s capabilities and expertise. You can post your company video online and gain an important additional way for customers to engage with you.

AFS will promote Foundry Video Central continuously to parts buyers and designers to ensure steady traffic. You will receive periodic reports from AFS indicating the number of page views for your videos.

For a limited time, AFS is offering introductory pricing. Quantity discounts are available for multiple video placements at the time of purchase. Video placements are for a 12-month period.

Click here for more information, and visit Foundry Video Central. If you have already produced videos, this is how to make sure your content is being seen by your target audience.