NAM Cyber Cover

Cyber cover


AFS Corporate Members have a simple and effective way to protect their digital assets thanks to a new partnership between AFS and the National Association of Manufacturers.

NAM Cyber Cover is a cybersecurity insurance and risk mitigation program created especially for manufacturers and available to most AFS Corporate Members. Manufacturers are among the top targets of malicious hackers, who can hold servers for ransom, steal intellectual property and engage in corporate espionage, and even interfere with machinery.

NAM Cyber Cover through AFS gives Corporate Member companies the advantage of insuring some of their most valuable resources – their digital properties – against cyber threats while also providing them with a risk assessment to identify areas of vulnerability.

This program is available to all AFS member foundries, as well as member suppliers who fall within the manufacturing NAICS code ranges of 31-33.

To learn about the benefits and terms of this coverage for AFS members, please contact Ben Yates in AFS Business Development at or (847) 824-0181 ext. 205. For more information and to get your complementary Cyber Risk Analysis, click here.


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