Human Resource Assistance Team

Most organizations employ human resource (HR) management personnel, but it’s difficult to have enough staff experts and cover all aspects of the discipline. The American Foundry Society’s Human Resource Assistance Team provides information and assistance to Corporate Member companies who need the help of HR professionals on topics related to our industry. Members of the AFS Human Resource Committee are individuals who are willing to share their expertise with fellow metalcasters in the following areas:

Labor Relations

* Union Avoidance * Contract Negotiations * Handling Grievances


* Hourly/Salary * Executive * Incentive Pay * Wage & Hour Law


* Hiring Practices * Recruiting (College Graduates) * Orientation Programs *Discharge Issues

Benefit Plans

* Health Care * Other Insurance (Life, LTD, etc.) * Defined Benefit Plans (STD, Pension) * Defined Contribution Plans, 401K, etc. * Hybrid Plans (Cash Balance, etc.) * Other (Stock Option, etc.)

Training and Development

* Operator Training * Management Training * Organizational Development

Employment Laws

* FMLA * ADA * Title VII / EEO * Sexual Harassment * Affirmative Action * Cobra


* Orientation * Training * Incentives / Rewards

Union Contracts

* Allied Workers International Union * Glass, Molders, Pottery, Plastics and Allied Workers * International Association of Machinists & Aerospace Workers * PACE * United Auto Workers * United Steel Workers

Benefit Cost Data

Wage Rates (Hourly Labor)

Salaries (Management)

Corporate Members are invited to contact Cathy Potts, at 847/803-2905 or Callers will be referred to a member of the Human Resources Assistance Team. We anticipate that most questions could be handled by telephone, but written information may also be provided by fax or email.