Women in Leadership

Strategies to Drive Change

November 10, 2020


Now more than ever the positive impact of women in leadership is well understood. Yet women continue to be underrepresented especially in critical industries like manufacturing and especially metalcasting. Thanks to five decades of research, much is understood about the obstacles and barriers that women face, but only recently are researchers understanding what works to advance women in leadership and to retain women in industries and occupations where they continue to be underrepresented.

Please join us on November 10, 2020 for a live virtual event featuring Kathleen Buse, Ph.D., president of Advancing Women in the Workplace. Dr. Buse will provide an overview of the issues women experience navigating careers, review strategies that facilitate women’s achievement and advancement, and offer tactics for women and organizational leaders to implement that support women’s achievement. .

Learning Outcomes

  • Articulate the unique value of women in leadership and in the workplace
  • Learn about the challenges facing women in the workplace and how these lead to women’s under-representation in leadership roles
  • Understand how applying specific strategies can help women leaders achieve in the workplace
  • Recognize how and when to apply tactics to facilitate change
  • Build specific skills and competencies to achieve your career goals

Who Should Attend

The workshop has been designed for anyone interested in understanding how gender impacts achievement in the workplace and is seeking strategies to increase the representation of women in leadership.

In-depth Networking Opportunity

As part of this program, much like in-person roundtable networking, after the session you can opt into a digital networking “pod”. You’ll be introduced to a small group of session attendees and equipped with some networking activities that are Zoom-friendly. Your group can choose to meet as often as you like.


  • November 10, 2020


Kathleen Buse, Ph.D.
President and Founder, Advancing Women in the Workforce

Dr. Kathleen Buse is the President and Founder of Advancing Women in the Workforce, a consulting company focused on the retention and advancement of women in corporate careers. Buse was previously the Director of Research and the Women’s Leadership Institute at ERC. As Director of Research, she led the efforts to expand the use of data analytics to support client initiatives, the NorthCoast 99 program, and ERC’s Employee Engagement Survey practice. As Director of the Women’s Leadership Institute, she led the efforts to help employers recruit, retain, and advance women.

Buse earned a Ph.D. in Management from Case Western Reserve University, an MS in Electrical Engineering from Rochester Institute of Technology and a BS in Chemical Engineering/Engineering & Public Policy from Carnegie Mellon University.


Registration Fees

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Cancellations & Substitutions

Substitutions will be accepted anytime. However, cancellations of confirmed registrants with full refund of fees will not be accepted unless received at least two weeks prior to the conference date. In the unlikely event the conference is cancelled for any reason, AFS liability is limited to the return of the registration fee.