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Energy Solutions

AFS provides a network of proven resources to help in controlling your energy and utility costs. In conjunction with TDI Consulting, AFS has recruited a number of high-quality, specialized engineering companies to provide a broad spectrum of specific services. The fit for these services is assessed with the needs of each unique company being reviewed.  Each services provider is paid for performance—whether it is a contingency or fee-based service. Your actual savings ultimately pay for the services.

  • Verify accuracy of existing utility expenses—billing errors, billing refunds and potentially better rates
  • Discover opportunities for energy savings—energy inventory, available incentives and savings opportunities
  • Design cost-effective energy improvements—energy models, configure improvements and prioritize components
  • Manage energy usage and verify performance—manage authorized plan, verify energy usage reductions and monitor results
  • Upgrade to new alternative technologies—additional conservation measures and potential alternative energy systems
  • ePACT—maximize your federal tax benefits for energy efficiency improvements

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