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Metalcasting Solutions

 AFS provides several programs to member companies to improve and augment day to day management as part of its Solutions Program.

  • Energy Solutions—The comprehensive, competitive and cost-effective energy solutions package includes utility bill auditing, identification of refund opportunities, competitive rate assessments, advanced energy procurement assistance, contract reviews, electric conservation programs and alternative energy options.
  • Education Solutions—AFS offers career advancement and training services to sustain and grow the industry.
  • Technical Solutions—In-plant engineering services, telephone support, online library and the committee structure are just a few ways AFS promotes supports the metalcasting operations.
  • Government Affairs Solutions—AFS works as a metalcasting industry advocate on state and federal government levels.
  • Insurance Solutions—In an effort to alleviate spiraling insurances costs for its members, AFS offers Insurance Solutions, to both Corporate and Individual members. Benefits differ for each member based on individual needs.
  • Shipping Solutions—For metalcasters, shipping freight is nothing but an expense that subtracts from the bottom line. To help, AFS has developed the Shipping Solutions program for AFS Corporate Members. 
  • HR Solutions—AFS offers Corporate Members a comprehensive, competitive and cost-effective human resources package that includes employee benefits (medical, dental, life insurance, a wellness program, etc.) and Risk Management solutions.
  • Marketing Solutions—Enhance your promotional efforts with access to trade shows, publications and expert consultations.
  • Environmental Health & Safety Solutions—Keep your company in compliance with EPA and OSHA guidelines and foster improvements in safety and emissions. 
  • Design Solutions—This package covers all facets of casting design, including failure analysis, reverse engineering, casting process design and simulation, product performance test evaluations, prototyping and production sourcing.

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