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Metalcasting Marketing

AFS Marketing has two distinct areas of focus:

  1. Marketing AFS and its benefits to those affiliated with the metalcasting industry (metalcasters, suppliers, educators, design engineers, buyers, etc.)
  2. Marketing metal castings and the metalcasting process to current and potential users of metal castings including design and product engineers and purchasers.
Metalcasting Industry Marketing

Metalcasting marketing is a joint effort of AFS staff and the AFS Marketing Div. 14. The mission is:

“To enhance the growth and image of the metalcasting industry through market development and promotion of the metalcasting process as well as communicating to member companies relevant information in the areas of marketing, management and profit generation.”

Through a comprehensive marketing plan developed through in-depth market research, AFS and the Division aims to promote metalcasting to three essential audiences.  These include:

  • Current and potential users of metal castings including design and product engineers and the purchasers of castings;
  • Engineering faculty and students in order to introduce them to the basic principles of the casting process;
  • Federal, state and local legislators and government agencies to help them better understand the benefits of cast components and the need for foundries and their products by society.

Elements of the marketing program include various tools aimed at communication clearly, directly and frequently with our target audiences.  These communication tools include:

AFS Corporate Members have unique access to the AFS market research data as well as other marketing activities related to the dissemination of information to casting buyers and designers. Contact Joe Costin, for more information.

AFS Marketing

From conference brochures to membership drives, this area of AFS works to communicate and promote all the various benefits of AFS to current and potential customers. In addition, this area of AFS is assigned with the long-range strategic planning required to coordinate its offerings to ensure AFS is positioned as the leading resource for the global metalcasting industry.

Some of the communications vehicles this department is responsible for include:

  • Member Connections 
  • E-Connections;
  • AFS News;
  • AFS Membership Kits;
  • Conference Brochures;
  • Trade Show Displays (except Metalcasting Congress & CastExpo);
  • All AFS-related websites.

If you are an AFS Chapter in need of help from National to promote your Regional Meeting or if you want information about any of the AFS communication vehicles contact Joe Costin,

Casting Design & Sourcing

To continue to grow the market for metal castings, AFS offers casting buyers two unique services to help them design and procure metal castings.

    • Design Solutions --Through a relationship with Product Development & Analysis, a design engineering and sourcing firm with more than 20 years experience in metalcasting, AFS offers casting buyers and corporate members unique access to casting design consultation and execution and casting sourcing. Click here for sign-up form;
    • Design Information--AFS offers casting buyers and designers information to help them unleash the capabilities of the metalcasting process.  Download the Engineered Solutions Through Metalcasting, Design Information Sources and Casting Design Conversions brochures for more information;
    • Industry Research & Statistics;
  • PDA brings combined experience of over 50 years of product development, redesign, value engineering, reverse engineering and falure analysis of complex metal cast, composite and plastic components utilizing state of the art computer aided engineering tools such as CAD, FEA, CFD and manufacturing process simulation and rapid prototyping.

In addition to industry marketing and communication efforts, the department also has the responsibility for developing baseline data for and about the industry.  Among the chief services derived from these efforts are:

  • Metalcasting Forecast & Trends – Annually, AFS develops the Metalcasting Forecast & Trends Report. The Report provides essential statistical data about the domestic and global industry. A print copy is sent to all AFS Corporate members. Non-members may purchase the report for $800 by clicking here.

  • AFS Confidential Operational Cost Survey - Compiled every two years, this report is the culmination of an extensive study of metalcasting plant operational costs. Handled confidentially by Dr. Barry Sapolsky, a statistics professor at Florida State University, this data is an important first step in benchmarking and evaluating relative performance vs. other metalcasters of similar size, sales and metals cast.  

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