Technical and Management

Division 11 Lost Foam

The Lost Foam Division meets as a whole, with each task group on the agenda for reporting. Work in each area is done by a single committee member or small working groups.



To establish a central forum for communication and Exchange of the information regarding the lost foam casting process and to Disseminate this information. Also, to support industry and academic basic and applied Research in solving the metalcasting problems of the process Which negate the production of quality castings. Goals are to promote the adoption of the lost foam casting process as a viable means of casting production and reestablish the competitiveness of the U.S. foundry industry. Develop the program and solicit and review papers for inclusion in the AFS TRANSACTIONS and Presentations at the annual AFS Casting Congress. Develop the program and solicit speakers for periodic EPC conference. Facilitate Technical Presentations at Division 11 meetings.


Research (11-C)

To develop and maintain a long-range Research plan directed toward the development of Lost Foam Technology, assist Lost Foam Division committees in developing project concepts into strong Technical proposals that are cost-effective and to coordinate the Presentation of requests to the AFS Research Board or other funding source(s).


Education (11-D)

Development of the Lost Foam Casting Process resources to facilitate the creation and maintenance of CMI Lost Foam Course instruction.


Marketing Lost Foam (11-M)



Juliette Garesché
Senior Environmental Health and Safety Technical Director
847/824-0181 x224

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