Technical and Management

Division 10 Environmental Health & Safety

This division contains three standing committees plus an exec/programming group. The committees meet independently, but all EHS meetings take place during the same few days and there is considerable overlap in committee personnel. 

Executive/Program Group

Organizes, administers and implements the necessary committees with the technical and scientific disciplines required to advance responsible health, safety and environmental control programs and standards in the foundry industry. Responsible for the preparation of the technical program of the EHS division for the annual meeting of the Society. Secures papers and speakers with the responsibility for review and acceptance.


Air Quality Committee 10-E

Compiles and develops technical data for the most efficient methods of controlling air contaminant emissions from within the workplace and ambient air from the plant. Reviews the new issues and regulations as they affect air quality emissions in the metal-casting industry. Recommends and supervises research projects. Issues technical information and advisories on air quality matters.


Water Quality & Waste Disposal Committee 10-F

Studies proposed and current laws, rules and regulations affecting effluent water quality, waste management and the most cost-effective means of compliance. Guides research in solid waste management. Interprets guidelines for foundry operators in disposing of their solid wastes in an environmentally sound manner. Compiles and disseminates technical and regulatory information to members.


Safety & Health Committee 10-Q

Develops standards of practice. Reviews and conducts research on new and existing operations/processes to improve foundry employee safety and health protection. Assists foundries in meeting their obligation to provide a workplace free of recognized safety and health hazards. Represents the foundry industry in regulatory proceedings to develop safety and health standards.



Radioactive Scrap


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