Technical and Management

Division 8 Melting Methods & Materials

Executive Committee/Program 8-AB

With the varied technical involvements of this division, the Executive Committee is responsible for monitoring the activity of the division's individual committees and guiding the various committee leadership in developing industry-oriented projects.Responsible for the preparation of the technical program of the Melting Methods and Materials Division for the annual meeting of the Society. Secures papers and speakers with the responsibility for review and acceptance.


Coreless Induction Furnace Committee 8-C

Function is to develop and disseminate to the industry information on all aspects of operation of coreless induction furnaces including maintenance, refractories, production methods, metallurgical considerations and power utilization.


Channel Induction Furnace Committee 8-D

It is the goal of the 8-D Channel Induction Furnace Committee to assist the industry in finding answers to their questions and solutions to the problems that they are having with the operations of the channel induction furnaces; to seek new methods and ideas that could enhance the industry's productivity and profitability; to share and disseminate that information with the industry as quickly as possible; and to promote safe channel induction furnace operations as the standard goal and practice.


Cupola Committee 8-F

Committee activities and interests cover all aspects of cupola operation and performance, including safety, construction, operation and metallurgical needs. Compiles and updates AFS publications such as the Cupola Handbook. Reviews CMI cupola courses for adequate coverage of cupola melting operations and design, making recommendations, additions, corrections, or changes. Supports 8K through research ideas and technical presentations.


Charge Materials Committee 8-G

To conduct studies and collect information on the availability, usability and performance of nonferrous and ferrous units vital to the production of cast metals.



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