Technical and Management

Division 4 Molding Methods & Materials

Executive/Prgoram Committee 4-AB

The Executive Committee is responsible for the overall coordination and guidance of the division's total number of committees. The committee monitors all committee projects, including any research sponsored by individual committees of the division which have been approved and funded by the AFS Research Board. It is responsible for the preparation of the technical program of the Molding Methods and Materials Division for the annual meeting of the Society. Secures papers and speakers with the responsibility for review and acceptance.


Technical Publications Monitoring Committee 4-A-1

Review all publications generated by Division 4 committees to determine if the format and contents (test procedures, etc.) are correct and to submit any areas requiring modification back to the originating committee. The major area of publications concern will be the "Mold and Core Test Handbook."


Honorary Awards & Nominating Committee 4-C

Comprised of division members and honorary members having received Society awards. Is responsible for: 1) selection of Silver Anniversary Lecturer(s) or Classic Paper Lecturer(s) annually; 2) submission of confidential nominations for AFS awards on behalf of division 4 to the AFS Board of Awards.


Mold-Metal Interface Reactions Committee 4-F

Primary interest is to study the complex mechanisms of mold/core behavior and the role of mold atmosphere during the pouring of molten metal; to establish procedures and materials which maximize casting surface quality and minimize the need for surface rework by grinding or other processing.


Foundry Sand Additives Committee 4-H

Concentrates on studies of any and all additives used in green sand molding, including their application and recommended use in sand mixtures where clay is the basic bonding material.


Cured Sand & Aggregate Committee 4-K

A technical resource to the metal industry providing research, education, and technical assistance on all issues relating to cured sand core and mold processes, materials, and testing.


Investment Casting Committee 4-L

To develop and transfer information and technology that advances the design, application and manufacture of Investment Castings.


Green Sand Molding Committee 4-M

Studies all phases of green sand mold production, including both conventional and high-pressure (high-density) production techniques. Emphasis is on achievement of high-quality cast surfaces and establishment of tolerance guidelines.


Steve Robison
Senior Technical Director
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