Technical and Management

Division 3 Copper Alloy

Division 3 has no standing committees, but four task groups plus an executive/programming group and an awards group. Groups do not meet independently. The division meets as a whole and each task group reports as an agenda item. Work in each area is done by a single committee member or small working groups. 


Establishes policy and develops programs, approves funded research and task groups.Responsible for the preparation of the technical program of the Copper-Base Alloys Division for the annual meeting of the Society. Secures papers and speakers with the responsibility for review and acceptance.

The committee shall be division chairman, vice chairman, secretary, chairman of each standing committee, past chairman of the division, and additional members who will be nominated by the division chairman in accord with the rules and regulations of the Society.


National Awards 

Submits confidential nominations on behalf of the division to the AFS Board of Awards. Maintains dossiers of members of Division 3. Comprised of division members having received Society awards.


Research Task Group

Develops and submits project ideas on research topics related to the technology of copper-base and zinc aluminum alloys castings and monitors ongoing projects funded partially or wholly by the Society. The chairman of the Research Committee will appoint a subcommittee of at least three (3) people, of which one will be the monitoring committee chairman of all research projects approved by the Executive Committee.


Education Task Group

Works with AFS Institute staff in reviewing and developing curricula for courses of interest to personnel producing copper alloy castings. Assists in the preparation of text material and procurement of qualified instructors.


Gating & Risering Task Group

Compiles and documents the applicability of various gating techniques used commercially for the sand casting of various sizes of castings in the common copper alloys. Long-range objective is to develop a rational system for gating, while exploring the need for further research on gating system performance.


Technology Transfer Task Group

Identifies, investigates and evaluates, through process trials, various materials and methods with focus on recent and new technology used in all phases of production in copper alloy foundries.


Steve Robison
Senior Technical Director
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